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Helping future counseling professionals gain and develop new skills and knowledge isn’t only a commitment, but a passion.  The Residency & Internship Program at Start Today Counseling Interventions offers LPC Counseling Residents and Interns opportunities for support and growth in the practice and methods of mental health counseling, self-appraisal, and professional development. Read on to learn more about what we have to offer and criteria for consideration for our program.


Our Residency & Internship program promotes clinical work with clients in meaningful and life changing ways. Residency & Internship is structured to help Residents in Counseling and Interns develop and expand counseling knowledge, skills, and experiences so that their future work positively contributes to those they serve, the profession, and society.  Residents in counseling and Interns interested in placement with our Practice will be interviewed, and selections will be made based on the following criteria:

  • Supervisor availability to take on new Counseling Residents/Interns.

  • Candidate’s knowledge/skills/experience of and in the field of Human Services/Counseling.

  • Familiarity of Mental Health Counseling theories, approaches & ethics.

  • Openness to the process of professional development.

  • Motivation to work deeply and ethically with clients.

Residency & Internship with Start Today Counseling Interventions provides the following in accordance to requirements outlined by the Virginia Board of Counseling and requirements as outline by Intern's University Program, Faculty and Practicum/Internship guidelines.


Onsite Residency & Internship Program includes:

  • Assignment and mangement of individual client caseload.

  • Development & Facilitation of Therapy Groups/Workshops

  • Weekly Individual Supervision.

  • Biweekly Group Supervision.

  • Continuing Education opportunities.

(Supervision is also offered to Residents in Counseling with off-site residency placements and who are seeking supervision hours towards licensure. Fees apply.)

Are You Ready?

  • Are you working towards or have you graduated with a Master’s degree or higher in Psychology or Counseling?

  • Are you currently registered with or working towards registering with the Virginia Board of Counseling? 

  • Do you have an understanding of counseling theory, professional ethics, desire for professional development, and motivation to serve clients and your community?

  • Are you willing to participate in weekly individual supervision & group supervision to further your own self-awareness, counseling skills, and professional efficacy?

  • Do you have alternative sources of income while you complete your Residency?

If you answered, Yes, to all of these questions, click the "IM INTERESTED" button below to contact us regarding your interest. 

​(Please check our program status prior to submitting an inquiry for  Residency & Internship.)


Sorry, we are not currently accepting new Residents or Interns at this time.  

Please check back for updates.

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