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Imagine having a personal fitness coach who encourages you, gives feedback to your questions, and celebrates your progress – all from the comfort of your own location. I'm Andrew, a fitness coach dedicated to helping individuals prioritize their health, lose weight, build muscle, and create healthy lifestyles.


Here, you won't find generic, one size fits all workout plans – only programs tailored specifically to your individual needs. The best part? Services are remote, offering the perfect balance of convenience and effectiveness so that you can work out on your own schedule, in your own space, while receiving the support and guidance of a personal fitness coach.

Being fit, strong, and nourishing our bodies with beneficial movement and quality nutrition is the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth. If you're ready to take the next steps on your fitness journey, I'm ready to give you the extra push and motivation to help you transform your life. 

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What services do you offer?

  • Remote Personal Fitness Coaching

What is Remote Personal Fitness Coaching?

Remote Personal Fitness Coaching is a convenient option for personal training and meeting fitness goals. With this modality of fitness training you will interact with me remotely through the Flex Your Gains Fitness App. Workout plans begin at your fitness level and are adapted to utilize and optimize the equipment available to you in your home or gym. 

How does this all work?

We'll begin with an initial assessment to get a better understanding of your needs, establish fitness goals, and create a personalized workout plan. With your personalized plan in hand, it's time to do work. You'll complete your workouts as outlined in your plan, tracking your progress in the Flex Your Gains Fitness App. I'll be monitoring your progress regularly and providing you with guidance, support, and motivation along the way. As you make progress, your workout plan will adapt to challenge you and push you to the next level. With my help, you'll be well on your way to achieving your fitness goals and experiencing those gains!

Where are you located and what are your hours of operations?

Services are remote and can be done in your own time from the convivence of your own home/gym/favorite workout space.

What are the cost of services?

  • Remote Fitness Coaching​: $99/month


- Access to the Flex Your Gains App.

- Ongoing nutrition guidance.

- Adaptive workout program (which includes detailed video descriptions of included exercises).

- Regular in app messaging, guidance, and engagement with me- your fitness coach.

- Tracking of fitness factors including: workouts, weight, nutrition, before/after photos, body measurements, sleep.

- App pairing to select fitness devices .

Partner Package: 

Work out and reach goals with a friend through our partner package! Contact me for more information regarding  details & cost. 

Do You take Insurance?

Services are not covered by insurance.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Apple Pay, Cash app, PayPal, and Master Card/Visa.

Can I receive services if I live in another state?

Yes! My services are available even if you live out of state.  

How do I connect to services?​

To start your program or receive more information select the "START NOW" button below to message me or direct message me on Instagram (@flexyourgainsfitness). I look forward to your contact!



Ready to begin your road to transformation and healthy lifestyle? 

Click the "START NOW" button below for more information or to get started on your program. 


Please check my availability status below before submitting your request. 

STATUS: Now accepting new clients!

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